Ruben Kaatee

Ruben Alexander Kaatee has practised as a lawyer at Punt & Van Hapert Advocaten since 2013. He became a partner in 2019. His practice focuses mainly on litigating on behalf of businesspeople, and he has extensive experience in court proceedings. His clients are active in the real estate sector, business services, the medical world, the hospitality sector and commerce, among others. Ruben works with clients on disputes over a range of commercial contracts and liability issues. He is the regular legal counsel for the management boards of many companies in Amsterdam and the surrounding area.

Ruben also handles disputes within companies, such as between shareholders or with respect to the board of management. These cases may concern, for example, the withdrawal or expulsion of shareholders, the liability of directors under the articles of association, inquiry procedures and the dissolution of partnerships and companies. Because of his extensive experience in corporate litigation, Ruben can also advise businesspeople before they enter into commercial partnerships and provide advice on the design of shareholder agreements.

Ruben was born and raised in Amsterdam and completed his studies in law with research into the historical development of one of the core concepts of corporate law: corporate interest. His research also included an analysis of the shift from the traditional Dutch stakeholder model and towards the Anglo-Saxon shareholder model, which is often discussed in legal literature. As a lawyer, Ruben also frequently deals with the balance of power within companies and issues concerning corporate governance.