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Martijn Punt


After studying at Leiden University and the University of California, Martijn Punt (LL.M.) went on to work at the law firms Baker & McKenzie, Arthur Andersen and AKD. He has extensive experience in the field of corporate law litigation.

His practice focuses primarily on the dissolution of professional partnerships (corporate litigation). He regularly supports clients in negotiations on buyouts, withdrawals and the continuity of company operations. He also has extensive litigation experience involving shareholder disputes, disputes between partners and disputes involving the statutory directors of limited companies. Mr Punt works on litigation regarding commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, (bank) guarantees, corporate liability (and the liability of directors), general terms and conditions and general liability issues.

Mr Punt is one of the leading specialists in the Netherlands in the field of the right of inspection (submission obligation) and the seizure of evidence. Based on his extensive experience in corporate litigation, he also advises on acquisitions and (start-up) investment in relation to implementation and liability risks (transactional liability review). Finally, he has specialist knowledge in the area of fiscal procedural law and recovery cases. Mr Punt has also completed the professional training programme of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers.

Mr Punt has specialist knowledge of the healthcare sector, and his clients include numerous hospitals, independent treatment centres and doctors partnerships. He also provides support to several construction and real estate companies, investment funds, software companies, transport companies, offshore companies, technology companies and companies operating in the hospitality sector. Finally, he represents footballers, agents and football clubs for the purposes of player transfers, including at the international level.

The majority of his clients are from the Netherlands and the United States. Mr Punt has given various courses and presentations in several fields of law, including civil procedural law, sequestration (of evidence) law, inspection law and tax procedural law. He also has several publications to his name.

Mr Punt obtained his PhD at Leiden University in the field of corporate law. He speaks Dutch, English and French.

Punt van Hapert Advocaten - Advocatenkantoor in Amsterdam
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