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Marjolein van Vliet


Marjolein van Vliet has practised as a lawyer at Punt & Van Hapert Advocaten since 2011, specialising in civil law. She supports her regular clients in sectors such as the hospitality sector and the media and communications sector.

Marjolein is part of the Business and Divorce section. This means that her work straddles the boundary between family law and corporate law. Her expertise includes annual accounts in the context of divorce settlements and maintenance law, and she can provide support with respect to concepts such as dividends, current accounts and cash flows.

Financial settlements play a prominent role in Marjolein’s divorce practice. You can contact her regarding the division of communities of property and the settlement of prenuptial agreements. Her knowledge and experience extend to various types of prenuptial agreements: the exclusion of all community of property, community of home and (periodic and final) settlement clauses.

In each situation, together with the client she will consider which assets should be involved in the settlement (real estate, a company) and how this can and should be reconciled with the prenuptial agreement.

The aim of the process is to minimise the financial and fiscal impact. However, because the financial settlement of a marriage will also have an impact on the maintenance settlement, this will also be taken into consideration.

Marjolein also has experience with the unusual position occupied by cohabiting partners. The separation of cohabiting partners, whether or not they have a cohabitation contract, and distribution of the assets involved, requires specific expertise and experience.

Marjolein is also involved in dismissal and redundancy law. She represents the interests of employers or employees. The former need support in building up the all-important legal dossier on a dysfunctional employee. Proceedings are then jointly initiated in order to terminate the employment contract of that employee in the most effective and inexpensive manner possible. Employees, by contrast, usually wish to terminate the employment relationship on the most favourable terms possible for them. The best route for achieving this will be determined in each specific case and for each specific employee.

Clients appreciate that the energy and dynamism with which Marjolein communicates. She gets straight to the heart of the matter and has a reputation as a pleasant and professional communicator. She listens carefully to clients’ wishes and their long-term interests. Her realistic approach to legal proceedings is always an asset. This means that clients are fully informed about their legal options, enabling Marjolein to work with them to achieve the best possible result.

Marjolein completed her studies in law at Utrecht University in 2009. In addition to obtaining a general Bachelor’s degree, she also completed a Master’s degree in Law and Business. She speaks Dutch, English and French.

Punt van Hapert Advocaten - Advocatenkantoor in Amsterdam
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