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Huib van Hapert


Huib van Hapert is a co-founder and partner of Punt & Van Hapert Advocaten. He chiefly practises as a litigation lawyer, and he has been successfully representing clients in court since 1997. Mr Van Hapert focuses on dismissal and redundancy law and on personal and family law. He represents employers, senior employees and statutory directors. In divorce cases, he provides advice where business interests are also at stake. He also litigates in the field of construction law (construction companies and their clients, including homeowners associations).

His practice is characterised by ‘clients who have exhausted all the options at other law firms’, who find that, with the help of his creative thinking and fresh enthusiasm, their legal issues take a more positive turn. This can be done by, for example, submitting an appeal based on untested arguments, or by initiating summary proceedings (in the intervening period). It is precisely his ability to take swift action that sets him apart in summary proceedings.

Client satisfaction comes above all else. Sometimes a judicial decision can be advantageous, while at other times an out-of-court settlement is called for. And generally these two approaches will be combined along the way. Clients are kept fully informed regarding the best move to make at any given stage in the process. Partly as a result of his qualities as a coach (NOBCO certificate) and his mediation skills (Module 1 certificate), Mr Van Hapert will – more so than the opposing party – set out the course to be taken right from the outset, always reflecting the long-term interests of the client.

Earlier in his career with Moszkowicz Advocaten, Mr Van Hapert became adept in handling cases that generate a lot of publicity. Prior to that, he gained experience in defending the commercial interests of his clients while practising with an employment law firm. He acted on behalf of employees whose employment contract had been terminated, helping them to secure the highest possible severance pay on a ‘no-cure no-fee’ basis. In your interest, he is willing to deviate from the standard invoicing arrangement of an hourly rate. Mr Van Hapert received his legal training at Van Diepen Van der Kroef Advocaten.

Mr Van Hapert lives and breathes the law. His single-mindedness and enthusiasm have ensured that his reputation now precedes him – both in professional literature (for example the Dismissal Law Practice Book) and case law (JAR, RAR and rechtspraak.nl magazines), as well as in the media (television, books, newspapers and magazines). He has a talent for being able to communicate the essence of a subject clearly and persuasively.

Mr Van Hapert studied at Maastricht University and the Universitá degli Studi di Torino in Turin, Italy. He speaks Dutch, English, Italian and is also studying Farsi.

Punt van Hapert Advocaten - Advocatenkantoor in Amsterdam
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