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Punt & Van Hapert Lawyers

Punt & Van Hapert Lawyers

Punt & Van Hapert Lawyers

Punt & Van Hapert is a law firm that makes a conscious decision to do what it is good at: litigating. The era when legal disputes could be settled with a simple handshake has long gone. Social hardening, legal ‘Americanisation’ and increasing regulations make a trial lawyer who is an old hand in court indispensable.

The lawyers at our firm have a wealth of experience in court in their own specialist areas. This experience enables us to promote your interests in legal proceedings.


It also gives us the opportunity to advise you in advance of the chance of success. Better safe than sorry. With that in mind we also draw up contracts to limit your liability.

Speed and clarity

Speed and clarity are the core characteristics of our firm. Our lawyers do not stick to office hours, they provide useful advice and they are not afraid of contradicting you if necessary. But ultimately you have the final say. Experience has taught us that these properties guarantee a sustainable, successful relationship.


Outlining a creative, sometimes unorthodox approach is of major importance to us. We always keep you informed of what the outcome of legal proceedings could be. Then we weigh up the chances and costs from a commercial point of view.