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Punt & Van Hapert Lawyers

Litigation lawyers

Punt & Van Hapert Advocaten is a law firm that has consciously chosen to focus on what it does best: conducting legal proceedings. The days when a legal dispute could be settled with a simple handshake are long gone. The increasing tendency towards litigation, the ‘Americanisation’ of the legal system and increasing regulation all mean that the support of a tried and tested litigation lawyer is indispensable in court.


Our firm’s lawyers all have extensive experience of courtroom procedure, within their own specialist areas. That experience means that we are able to represent and defend your interests in the best possible way during legal proceedings. It also means that we can advise you in advance about the chances of success. After all, prevention is always better than cure. Our knowledge of courtroom procedure also enables us to assess your contracts in advance, and evaluate the options and potential weak points.


We like to take a creative and sometimes unorthodox approach. We will always explain what the outcome of a case could be. And then we will assess the commercial trade-off between the costs and opportunities of opting for a particular route.

Speed and clarity

We always aim for speed and clarity – this is what sets us apart. Our lawyers will never limit themselves to ‘office hours’, but provide you with advice that you can really use. And they are never afraid to tell you exactly how things stand. But in the end, it is you that has the final say. From experience, we know that these ingredients make for lasting and successful client relationships.