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Commercial litigation

Punt & Van Hapert Advocaten conducts legal proceedings and advises on all disputes occurring in the business world regarding the execution of business contracts. This includes disputes about purchase agreements, commission agreements, franchise agreements, agency and distribution agreements, construction contracts, security contracts, cooperation agreements, takeover contracts (mergers and acquisitions), (bank) guarantees and general terms and conditions. The liability of legal entities and directors, both in and out of bankruptcy, is also part of our field of activity.

Divorce law for entrepreneurs

‘Divorce for entrepreneurs’ is a main pillar at our office. A team of three specialists will assist you expertly from the start, either in front of or behind the scenes. Entrepreneurs deserve specific knowledge in this specific section of family law. Our office specializes in complex divorces. Our corporate law knowledge and experience enables us to always think one step ahead and anticipate possible consequences.

Corporate litigation

Punt & Van Hapert Advocaten has extensive experience in litigating and advising in the field of corporate law. We handle all types of disputes within the company for our clients, such as between shareholders themselves, between shareholders and the board of a BV. or N.V. (as well as a foundation, association or cooperative) or between partners in a VOF or a partnership. In addition, we can advise you specifically on takeovers and drafting shareholders’ agreements and corporate governance issues.

Labor law

Punt & Van Hapert specializes in dismissal law within the broad spectrum of employment law. So in those cases where parties can no longer get through the same door. Unrest in the workplace is harmful to both an employee and an employer. You want clarity as soon as possible about how this will end. It helps if we advise you on the opportunities and approach on the eve of a dispute. This can be done directly or in the background.

Real estate

Punt & Van Hapert Advocaten procedeert en adviseert over de gehele breedte van het vastgoedrecht. Daarbij gaat het zowel om commercieel vastgoed als eigen woningen van particulieren, al dan niet in een Vereniging van Eigenaars. Wij treden op voor vastgoedbeleggers, (vermogende) particulieren, verhuurders, huurders, projectontwikkelaars, aannemers, makelaars en architecten.

“Client satisfaction is essential. Sometimes there is ultimately a profit from a court decision, other times from a nice settlement result. “

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